Teacher's FAQ

1. How did Anthology of Poetry get its start?

Looking for ways to enrich students who have a love for writing and to inspire new writers, we created the Anthology of Poetry in 1989. We began as a forum to identify great student poetry and shared these wonderful works through our books. In 2002, we added the short story anthology so students could also write in this genre.

2. What are the differences between the Anthology of Poetry and a vanity press?

The Anthology of Poetry reads every submission, evaluates each one using selective criteria and chooses approximately 55% for publication. There is no requirement to buy a book from us in order to be published. In contrast, a vanity press may run a “contest” to receive writing entries, and will publish the entries of the writers who purchase books.

3. How are poems and short stories selected for publication?

We use a number of criteria to make our selections. First we group submissions by the age of the writer. Younger children are judged with less stringent requirements. As the age of the writer increases, the requirements also increase. The editors who select poetry look for originality, rhythmic sounds, rhymes, a fresh approach to a simple subject and works that exhibit the author’s involvement in the subject matter. Short stories are evaluated on their character and plot development as well as originality. Audience appeal is also an important criterion for the selection of poetry and short stories.

Special consideration is given to works submitted by learning impaired students, and teachers are invited to request this consideration for these students.

4. How do student authors submit their poems or short stories?

Submission requirements are a little different for each of our publications. Please visit Rules and Guidelines for specific information and Submit Your Poem to submit a poem through this website.

5. How can teachers involve their classes in the Anthology of Poetry Forum?

All areas of the forum are open to teachers and their students. The Teacher’s Selection anthologies for 5th, 8th and 11th grade engage teachers as editors. Visit About the Forum for additional information.

6. What are the submission deadlines?

Each publication has a different deadline. Visit Rules and Guidelines for specific information.

7. How old do students need to be to be published in an Anthology of Poetry, Inc. book?

We publish the work of students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

8. Do students or their parents have to purchase a book in order to be published?

No. The ONLY requirement we have for publication is the written permission of a parent or guardian.

9. Where can I buy a copy of an Anthology of Poetry book?

Our books are available through bookstores around the country and this website. Click here for online orders: Order an Anthology, or check with your local bookstore.