Teacher's Lounge

Inspiring students to read well-written books and to express themselves through writing can be a daunting task for teachers. Sometimes just getting your students' attention in an environment where entertainment, technology and sports capture their time is your biggest challenge!

Working with elementary, middle school and high school teachers throughout the United States, the AOP offers a professional forum for students' poems and short stories. We also engage teachers in the selection process for our Teacher's Selection anthologies. We recognize how challenging it is to develop a love for reading and writing in students when there are many distractions and few tools.

We invite you and your students to participate in each forum we offer so their poetry and short stories may be considered for publication in a professional anthology. Recognition and the opportunity to be published encourage budding writers. Reading other students' work energizes the creative process. And earning the validation that comes with publication in an AOP book inspires a life-long love for creative writing.


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