Straight and scrunched hair was in style

Before this year to go anywhere we had to walk a mile

But now that we have a learner's permit

We can flee from home and parents to be independent

I stood there fifteen


The Internet was the source to burn a CD

To watch a movie you had to stick in a DVD

Cameras on cell phones have just began

Everyone had chunky highlights and a fake tan

I stood there fifteen


Reality shows were on every TV station

California 's election included almost everyone

In the nation

Almost everybody had their fifteen minutes of fame

Having school uniforms was a shame

I stood there fifteen


The celebrity weddings were extremely insane

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were on and off again

Although I'm over halfway through this age already

I have learned the world we live in

Will always be unsteady

I stood there fifteen

Katy Verlander
Age: 15