Create a Press Release

Recognition as a published author is a newsworthy event and you don't need a book publicist to have your student's publishing debut appear in the local media.

Your local newspaper, radio and television stations and even the school newspaper are always looking for good news. Supplying a press release makes it easy for local media outlets to include your news in their publication or broadcasts.

You can use our template to create a personalized press release for your student and then send it to the:

  • Features or Local News Editor of newspapers in your area
  • Public Service or Program Director of local radio and television stations

Tips for Working With Press Releases

  • Many newspapers, radio and TV stations prefer to receive press releases via e-mail. Our templates in the right column may be saved on your computer and attached to an e-mail.
  • Newspapers often like to include a photo. If you can send a sharp digital or printed photo of your student photographed against a neutral background, it adds a visual element to your story. Do not expect them to return a printed photo.
  • Visit the website of the newspaper, radio or TV station to get the name and e-mail address of the editor or program director so you can send your press release directly to him or her.
  • Be sure to include your contact information on the press release so they can call you for additional information if needed. Radio and TV stations may want to arrange an interview with your student.
  • Creating a Press Release

    Use the templates in the right column to generate a personalized press release that you can save to your computer for future distribution or printing. Fill in the information requested (marked by text within brackets: {info needed}), save the document on your computer and either print copies for mailing or attach to an e-mail.