Why Our Forum?

  • Have you ever encountered a student who is on fire creatively?
  • Have you experienced the energy and joie de vivre exuded by a person who loves to share thoughts through words?
  • Are you a career educator with a love for writing and reading that you'd like to foster in your students?
  • Do you feel like these creative endeavors often take a backseat to entertainment provided by television, computer games, DVD's and sports?

We at AOP believe that a love for reading and writing is developed with careful nurturing and outlets for expression. The ability to read with understanding and to write clearly is an excellent foundation for life. Cultivating students' creative fire develops their confidence and expands their writing skill.

Students are well prepared for a multifaceted life when they have opportunities for exposure to the pleasures of a literary life and recognition for their writing. Through the AOP's poetry publications, all K-12 students have ways to engage in the literary community. Unlike vanity publishers, who print virtually every submission hoping to sell expensive books to all 'authors'. We've been publishing since 1989, working hand-in-hand with teachers and their students. Through our books, student authors earn the recognition they so richly deserve. Teachers have a literary partner who is as interested as they are in nurturing writing talent.

If the authors who appear in our pages go on to become the poet laureate, earn a Pulitzer Prize, a Newbery Medal or a generous book contract, we'll take pleasure in their achievement. We take greater pleasure however, in knowing that our publications served as a launching pad -