As we nurture the creativity, imagination and writing talents of the students whose poems and short stories grace the pages of our anthologies, valued relationships often develop. These student writers, their teachers, parents and school administrators know us well. Here, in their words are a few of the comments they have shared with us in the last 17 years:

Letters from Students

Being published gave me the confidence to pursue writing. When my teacher announced the students who would be published in your book, I was astonished to hear my name. I never thought I had a chance or that my poem was even worthy of its status.

~ M.K.
High School student

All my life I have been searching for my true talent, and now I have finally found my true goal in life, writing. I have thought so much about my dream to become a writer that I even know what I want my future to be like.

~ H.W.
Eleven-year-old student

Comments from Parents

I would like to thank the wonderful people who started this program. I pray every day that my children may have opportunities and get to experience things that I didn’t get to experience. It is programs like Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans that give children a chance to feel good about themselves. If you could have only seen the look on my daughter’s face when she found out that her work was being published in a book! Her self-esteem has improved; the confidence in her is amazing. She is a remarkable little girl and your program has inspired her to work harder.”

~ K.M.

Just so you are aware of the positive impact such a publication has had, I will tell you that Devon is writing more than ever and is quite proud of her work. Also her schoolmates are working very hard so that they may send in poems next year. Thank you again for helping us to encourage our young people to learn to love writing.

~ Greenfield, MA parent

I have high regard for your book for many reasons, but one of them is that you published my daughter's poem ten years ago when she was in fifth grade. She is now a sophomore in college and thanks to the encouragement of your book, she has never stopped writing poems.

~ Bloomfield, NJ parent

And a Few Words from the Teachers

I want to tell you that my students love your anthologies. I have copies since 1996 when I first started submitting my students’ work. Those who were selected were so thrilled. You have no idea what that has meant for their families. Thank You.

~ Merle Hom

I have submitted poetry for five years as a fifth grade teacher…and have launched the writing careers of many talented young writers through this outstanding opportunity. As I have supported your publishing program throughout the years as a teacher, I can honestly say that your program directly impacts the lives of my kids and their families, helps us to meet our state standards, and motivates every one of my kids to write!”

~ Maureen A. Dittmar
Moline School District
Moline, IL

Thank you for offering this wonderful opportunity for young students to stretch their growing writer’s voices. There is something almost magical as students glimpse the possibility of sending their poems out to a real world audience; to an audience that will read and possibly publish their work.

~ Marie Meyer
Tenaya Middle School
Fresno, CA

My students love submitting their poems each year and waiting to hear from you. Many of the students come back the next year to show me the poem in the book they order. I am very glad that you provide this for them at a reasonable cost.”

~ Phyllis Smith
Frank Layden Elementary School
Frontenac, KS

As an educator, we love to be able to authenticate what we do with our students. Your contest validates the joyful work of poetry and playing with words.”

~ Tammie Ross
Peyton Middle School
Peyton, CO

My students are so excited about mailing you their poems! I have shared the works of my former students. They loved the poetry anthologies.

~ Amy Goldenberg
West Elementary School
Long Beach, NY

Once again my sincerest thanks for your awesome publication. Your contest is one of the highlights of third grade.

~ Judith Cherrington
Our Lady of the Valley School
Uxbridge, MA

You have increased our interest in poetry like you would not believe!”

~ Sydney Tregembo
Capitan Elementary School
Capitan, NM

We proudly enter your excellent poetry contest again this year. The students are inspired and always enjoy participating. Thank you for your outstanding efforts to motivate our students.”

~ Litsa Sfarnas
Churchville Elementary School
Churchville, PA

Thank you for this highly motivating experience that my students can enjoy for a lifetime. Last year 7 of my students were chosen to be published in your anthology. Thank you for the contribution to the education of my 5th grade students.

~ Laura Winkler
Fenton, MO

I will never forget the excitement one young lady displayed as she ran across the school parking lot to greet me, with her Anthology of Poetry acceptance letter. Tears filled her eyes as she hugged me tightly and read her letter aloud. …Thank you for this wonderful, authentic, writing experience. Through your publication, many dreams are being fulfilled.

~ Sherri Thompson
6th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Myrtle Beach Middle School
Myrtle Beach, SC

Thank you for this avenue of encouraging America’s young people to express themselves through poetry!  Poetry makes all of our lives richer!

~ Pat Hunter
Garywood Christian School
Hueytown, AL

Thank you for all you do to promote children's writing and particularly I thank you for your emphasis on poetry, which feeds the hearts and souls of my students, while they grow as writers.

~ Candace Corliss
The Mirman School
Los Angeles, CA

As a teacher, it is a daily privilege to witness students striving to be their best. Thank goodness for organizations such as yours which recognize the potential of our young students and provide a vehicle for recognition of their talents and efforts.

~ Kellie M. Stropp
Special Education Teacher
Okay High School
Okay, OK

My goal for each child in my classroom is that he/she truly finds his/her love for writing. We work very hard experimenting with our creativity through poetry. You give my students the exciting opportunity to celebrate their writing as published authors.

~ Brandi Henry
Second Grade Teacher
Mark Twain Elementary School
Miamisburg, OH

I am EXTREMELY grateful for the work you do. I wish you could hear their voices when they call me during summer break to tell me, 'Mr. Gregg! I got my poem published!' They may not fully appreciate or even comprehend their accomplishment, but they will someday.

~ Mark A. Gregg
Fourth Grade Teacher
Arkansas City, KS

One of the most exciting days of our year is the day in November that we open up our minds and imagine poems we can send to you. I have had a thirteen-year-old come back to me to say he had written a new poem to be published because he received such pleasure and joy from having one published when he was eight.

~ Vicki Young
Foothill Ranch Elementary School
Foothill Ranch, CA

It is such a thrill each year to see joy on the faces of my students when they are notified that their poems will be published in the Anthology. This realization boosts their confidence and spurs them to begin to think of themselves as poets. Consequently, all of their writings invariably improve as their self-image. It is wonderful to behold.

~ Dan Onove
North Haledon Public Schools
North Haledon, NJ