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About Us

girl-writer-studentThe AOP is dedicated to nurturing the beauty, self-expression and fun of poetry in young writers. We also foster the development of creative expression in student writers through short story writing.

We've been editing children's poetry since 1989 and we are convinced that children live and think in poetic images. They are delighted by the musical, rhythmic sounds of poetry and can effortlessly conjure up its eccentric and wonderfully quick images.

In a world where sound bites, e-mail and instant messages are preferred communication methods, the art of writing can easily be lost. The AOP champions the written word in all of its forms and works to celebrate the success of budding and accomplished young writers.

Our publications are a forum for young writers where they see their work and the work of other young poets published in an actual book. Unlike vanity publishers who often print all submissions in order to sell their books, The AOP reviews every submission and selects approximately 55% for publication. The purchase of an anthology is never a requirement for publication. We also donate copies of our publications to the libraries of participating schools.

In concert with teachers throughout the United States, we help expose students to the pleasures of a literary life and enable future authors as they take their first steps. For we know that the encouragement and confidence they gain by seeing their work published, helps fuel their enthusiasm for developing the kinds of writing skills needed in adult life.