Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I order from my local bookstore?

Yes, but since each publication consists of multiple volumes you would need to know which volume to order. Please call or e-mail us for details. You may also order from us online by clicking here.

2. Can I view my child’s poem online?

Unfortunately, no. As publishers, we prefer to share our young authors’ creations via the printed page.

3. Do you publish collections of poetry by an individual author or works authored by adults?

At this time, we do not publish individual books and we only publish poetry written by children. However the reference department of most public libraries should have the series of Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market books published by Writer’s Digest Books. Each book is geared to a particular market and lists companies which publish different types of authors, the percentage of first-time authors selected and how to contact those publishers.

4. How are the books shipped?

Books ordered and shipped during our regular production cycle are packaged individually and shipped by pre-sorted third class mail. Books ordered at other times are shipped “book rate”. If you’ve ordered more than one book, shipments will arrive separately and may arrive on different days.

5. I missed the submission deadline. Can I still send in my child’s work?

We will try our best to work with you. Please contact us by phone or e-mail to discuss.

6. I missed the deadline to return my permission slip. What can I do?

Please contact us by phone or e-mail to discuss this. We will try our best to work with you.

7. We’ve moved since we ordered our book. Will the book be forwarded to us?

Please call or e-mail us immediately with your new address when you move, so we can ensure your book(s) get to you. The post office does not forward books, so the only way to ensure you receive the book(s) you ordered is for us to have the proper address before we ship. Thank you!

8. How long has AOP been publishing?

Our first Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans® debuted in 1990. We've been publishing the best submissions of students from kindergarten through 12th grade however, since 1989.

9. What are the differences between the Anthology of Poetry and a vanity press?

The AOP reads every submission, evaluates each one using selective criteria and chooses approximately 55% for publication. There is no requirement to buy a book from us in order to be published. In contrast, a vanity press may run a 'contest' to receive writing entries, and will publish the entries of the writers who purchase books.

10. How are poems and short stories selected for publication?

We use a number of criteria to make our selections. First we group submissions by the age of the writer. Younger children are judged with less stringent requirements. As the age of the writer increases, the requirements also increase. The editors who select poetry look for originality, rhythmic sounds, rhymes, a fresh approach to a simple subject and works that exhibit the author's involvement in the subject matter. Audience appeal is also an important criterion for the selection of poetry.

Special consideration is given to works submitted by learning impaired students, and teachers are invited to request this consideration for these students.

11. Do students or their parents have to purchase a book in order to be published?

No. The ONLY requirement we have for publication is the written permission of a parent or guardian.

12. How are copyrights handled for the student's work?

The AOP. will retain a joint copyright with the author for a period of 2 years. After this time, the author owns the copyright. During the 2-year period when the Anthology of Poetry holds the joint copyright, the author may distribute copies or submit the poem to other publications as long as the other publication is informed about the joint copyright status. If another publication wishes to have written permission to publish the author’s work, we will provide this on request.

The AOP. does not expect, nor is it entitled to any compensation for the author's work outside the publications of the AOP.

13. What if I am not satisfied with the book I've purchased?

Please return the book to us with your contact information and we will send a full refund.